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Hi, I’m Amy Totterdell. Sugar & Storm was founded by me and brought to life with help from my partner Colin Williams. It's a work of passion and making clothing is something that I’ve done most of my adult life. Some of my earliest memories were sitting with my granny who was a professional seamstress while she made clothes for friends and family. I remember those special days when I would have a dress made for a birthday party or an outfit for a special occasion. It was always something that struck me, even back then... the care taken in hand made clothing, and the joy of having something that little bit more special and unique.

As I grew older, learning about the impacts of fast fashion and the desire to try to make a difference all rolled into one and Sugar & Storm was born. Creating an eco-friendly sustainable clothing brand turned out to be a little bit bigger than I thought, but then again dreams are supposed to be big! To help build Sugar & Storm into the brand I envisaged Colin came on board. I’ve always said that if I am the heart of the business then Colin is the anchor. Together our skills combine to make something we really believe in - a sustainable, organic, eco-friendly Irish based business with great designs and a playful fun nature.

about sugar & storm

Sugar & Storm is something that was conceived over many years. As mentioned above sewing and making children’s clothing is something that’s been with me most of my adult life. From early on when Colin and I discussed the business and what it was really about, we knew a couple of things for certain. We wanted it to be positive, constructive and make things better going forward. We wanted the world to be a little better from having Sugar & Storm in it. We wanted to create something sustainable, environmentally sensitive and to try to help build a different type of future for our kids and the children of the next generation.

The Sugar & Storm brand orientates around a simple ethos - create organic, sustainable, eco-friendly clothing that is durable, fun, great quality and at a fair price.

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